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"Immunohistochemical expression of five protein combinations revealed as prognostic markers in Asian oral cancer" has been published by Frontiers in Genetics in 2021



Data Science Program, Academic Sinica & NTU

Bioinformatics at Taiwan International Graduate Program

Translational Medicine at TIGP

Research Topics/Projects

  1. "Machine Learning-based projects on precision medicine" to find signatures for detection of metastasis potential in breast (kidney) cancer.( a collaboration with Dr.  Tai-Lung Cha, President of National Medical College,  National Deferense Medical Center)
  2. Prediction of Drug Response of cancer patients. (collaborate with Prof. Jan-Gowth Chang (China Medical Univ.))
    In the era of PM, using gene expression data and DNA omics data to predict the drug response of cancer patients is timely and important.

  3. Using deep learning (cNN) to identify cancer patients who can response to drugs (collaborate with Prof. Jan-Gowth Chang (China Medical Univ.))
  4. Identifying (a) prognostic markers, (b) drug target and (c) key genes involved in metastasis in cancers. (collaborate with president Tai-Lung Cha (National Defense Medical Center))
    Related publications:
    Tiong et al. (2014), Hwang et al. (2015),
    Chang et al. (2016), Wang et al. (2019).
  5. Using several kinds of genomic data to infer genetic interactions/pathway components.



Institute of Statistical Science, Academia Sinica, 128, Academia Rd. Sec. 2, Taipei 115, Taiwan