Shieh Lab


Welcome to Shieh Lab.


Congratulations to our team members whose paper: "Detection of Somatic Mutations in Exome Sequencing of Tumor-only Samples," accepted by Scientific Reports (2017). (The journal website)


Bioinformatics at Taiwan International Graduate Program

Bioinformatics course at NTU

Research Topics

  1. Analysis of next generation sequencing data (e.g. ChIP-seq) and genomics data

  2. Using genetic interactions to develop cancer therapeutics

  3. Constructing gene networks/predicting pathway components

Research Projects

  1. Predicting of Drug Response in Cancer. (collaborate with Prof. Jan-Gowth Chang (China Medical Univ.))

  2. Using several kinds of genomic data to infer genetic interactions/pathway components.

Institute of Statistical Science, Academia Sinica, 128, Academia Rd. Sec. 2, Taipei 115, Taiwan