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Research interests

  • Image Processing and Analysis
  • Pattern Recognition
  • Clustering and Classfication
  • Sports Statistics


Journal Article

Conference Proceeding

Technical Report

  • T.-L. Chen and S. Geman (2005). Notes on Dewarping. Technical report, Mathematical Technologies Inc.
  • A. Amarasingham, T.-L. Chen, S. Geman and M. Harrison (2003). Notes on a Spike Count Variability test. APPTS Report #03-8, September 2003


  • T.-L. Chen (2005). On the Statistics of Natural Images. Ph.D. Thesis, Brown University, Providence, RI.
  • T.-L. Chen (1996). On Synchronous Random Field. M.S. Tesis, National Taiwan University.

Manuscripts in preparation

  • T.-L. Chen and S.-Y. Shiu. Clustering Based on Self-Updating Processes.
  • T.-L. Chen and S. Geman. Scale Invariance of Natural Images.