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A functional-data perspective in spatial data analysis - An Introduction of the Argo Data

  • 2023-06-19 (Mon.), 10:30 AM
  • Auditorium, B1F, Institute of Statistical Science;The tea reception will be held at 10:10.
  • Online live streaming through Cisco Webex will be available.
  • Prof. Tailen Hsing
  • Department of Statistics, University of Michigan


More and more spatiotemporal data nowadays can be viewed as functional data. The first part of the talk focuses on the Argo data, which is a modern oceanography dataset that provides unprecedented global coverage of temperature and salinity measurements in the upper 2,000 meters of depth of the ocean. We discuss a functional kriging approach to predict temperature and salinity as a smooth function of depth, as well as a functional co-kriging approach of predicting oxygen concentration based on temperature and salinity data. 

Please click here for participating the talk online


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