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Computer Center

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Name Position Office Phone Expertise Email
程啟聖 Chi-Sheng Cheng Research Assistant 402 02-2783-5611#428 edward@stat.sinica.edu.tw
沈穎志 Ying-Chih Shen Administrator 402 02-2783-5611#427 shen@stat.sinica.edu.tw
陳稚傑 Chih-Chieh Chen Contract-based Employee 402 02-2783-5611#430 jeffchen@stat.sinica.edu.tw
張文瑜 Wen Yu Chang Contract-based Employee 402 02-2783-5611#429 cindy@stat.sinica.edu.tw
吳泓葳 Hong-Wei Wu Contract-based Employee 402 02-2783-5611#426 nerans@stat.sinica.edu.tw
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