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Huang, Hsin-Cheng photo
Distinguished Research Fellow/Professor and Deputy Director
黃信誠(Huang, Hsin-Cheng)






  • Ph.D., Statistics, Iowa State University, USA (1994 - 1997)
  • M.S., Statistics, Iowa State University, USA (1992 - 1994)
  • B.S., Mathematics, National Taiwan University, Taiwan (1985 - 1989)
Working Experience
  • Distinguished Research Fellow, Institute of Statistical Science, Academia Sinica, Taiwan (8/2022 - Present)
  • Research Fellow, Institute of Statistical Science, Academia Sinica, Taiwan (2/2009 - 7/2022)
  • Deputy Director, Institute of Statistical Science, Academia Sinica, Taiwan (7/2021 - 7/2023)
  • Deputy Director, Institute of Statistical Science, Academia Sinica, Taiwan (7/2013 - 7/2014)
  • Associate Research Fellow, Institute of Statistical Science, Academia Sinica, Taiwan (1/2003 - 2/2009)
  • Assistant Research Fellow, Institute of Statistical Science, Academia Sinica, Taiwan (10/1997 - 1/2003)
Research Interests
  • Spatial and Spatio-temporal Statistics
  • Statistical Learning
  • Model Selection
  • Environmental Statistics
Publications - Journal Papers
  • Nan-Jung Hsu*, (Hsin-Cheng Huang), Ruey S. Tsay, and Tzu-Chieh Kao,2024-01,Rank-R Matrix Autoregressive Models for Modeling Spatio-Temporal Data,STATISTICS AND ITS INTERFACE,17, 275-290,[SCI],(IF 0.716)
  • ShengLi Tzeng, Bo-Yu Chen, and (Hsin-Cheng Huang*),2023-10-25,Assessing spatial stationarity and segmenting spatial processes into stationary components,JOURNAL OF AGRICULTURAL BIOLOGICAL AND ENVIRONMENTAL STATISTICS,[SCI],[Scopus],(IF 2.267)
  • Din-Chih Lin, (Hsin-Cheng Huang), ShengLi Tzeng*,2023-03-09,Some Enhancements to DeepKriging,STAT,[SCI],(IF 2.451)
  • ShengLi Tzeng, Chi-Wei, Lai, and (Hsin-Cheng Huang*),2023-12,Spatially adaptive calibrations of AirBox PM2.5 data,BIOMETRICS,79, 3637-3649,[SCI],(IF 1.701)
  • Chih-Hao Chang*, (Hsin-Cheng Huang), Ching-Kang Ing,2023-06,Selection of linear mixed-effects models for clustered data,Scandinavian Journal of Statistics,50 (2), 875-897,[SCI],(IF 1.04)
  • Yu-Ting Fan, (Hsin-Cheng Huang*),2022-10,Spatially Varying Coefficient Models Using Reduced-Rank Thin-Plate Splines,SPATIAL STATISTICS,51, 100654,[SCI],(IF 2.125)
  • Chih-Hao Chang*, (Hsin-Cheng Huang*), Ching-Kang Ing,2022-05-14,Inference of random effects for linear mixed-effects models with a fixed number of clusters,ANNALS OF THE INSTITUTE OF STATISTICAL MATHEMATICS,74, 1143-1161,[SCI],(IF 1.18)
  • (Hsin-Cheng Huang*), Noel Cressie, Andrew Zammit-Mangion, and Guowen Huang,2021-12,False discovery rates to detect signals from incomplete spatially aggregated data,JOURNAL OF COMPUTATIONAL AND GRAPHICAL STATISTICS,30(4), 1081-1094,[Scopus],[SCI],(IF 1.884)
  • Nan-Jung Hsu, (Hsin-Cheng Huang*), Ruey S. Tsay,,2021-12,Matrix autoregressive spatio-temporal models,JOURNAL OF COMPUTATIONAL AND GRAPHICAL STATISTICS,30(4), 1143-1155,[SCI],[Scopus],(IF 1.884)
  • Yuan Yan*, (Hsin-Cheng Huang), Marc G. Genton,2021-09,Vector autoregressive models with spatially structured coefficients for time series on a spatial grid,JOURNAL OF AGRICULTURAL BIOLOGICAL AND ENVIRONMENTAL STATISTICS,26(3), 387-408,[SCI],[Scopus],(IF 2.267)
  • Shih-Hao Huang, (Hsin-Cheng Huang*), Ruey S. Tsay, Guangming Pan,2021-06,Testing independence between two spatial random fields,JOURNAL OF AGRICULTURAL BIOLOGICAL AND ENVIRONMENTAL STATISTICS,26(2), 161-179,[Scopus],[SCI],(IF 2.267)
  • Chi-Wei Lai, (Hsin-Cheng Huang*),2020-06,Intensity estimation of spatial point processes based on area-aggregated data,Japanese Journal of Statistics and Data Science,3, 413-428
  • Xiaotong Shen*, (Hsin-Cheng Huang),2020-03,Comment on Rosset's and Tibshirani's paper, entitled "From Fixed-X to Random-X Regression: Bias-Variance Decompositions, Covariance Penalties, and Prediction Error Estimation",JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN STATISTICAL ASSOCIATION,115, 152-156,[SCI],[Scopus],(IF 4.369)
  • Guowen Huang, Ling-Jyh Chen, Wen-Han Hwang, ShengLi Tzeng, and (Hsin-Cheng Huang*),2018-12,Real-time PM2.5 mapping and anomaly detection from AirBoxes in Taiwan,ENVIRONMETRICS,29,[SCI],(IF 1.527)
  • ShengLi Tzeng, (Hsin-Cheng Huang*),2018-05,Resolution adaptive fixed rank kriging,TECHNOMETRICS,60(2), 198-208,[SCI],(IF 2.333)
  • Wen-Ting Wang and (Hsin-Cheng Huang*),2018-03,Regularized Spatial Maximum Covariance Analysis,ENVIRONMETRICS,29(2), 1-19,[SCI],[Scopus],(IF 1.527)
  • Chih-Hao Chang, (Hsin-Cheng Huang), and Ching-Kang Ing*,2017-02,Mixed Domain Asymptotics for a Stochastic Process Model with Time Trend and Measurement Error,BERNOULLI,23, 159-190,[SCI],(IF 1.822)
  • Wen-Ting Wang and (Hsin-Cheng Huang*),2017-02-16,Regularized principal component analysis for spatial data,JOURNAL OF COMPUTATIONAL AND GRAPHICAL STATISTICS,26(1), 14-25,[SCI],[Scopus],(IF 1.884)
  • (Hsin-Cheng Huang) and Thomas C.M. Lee*,2016-10,High-Dimensional Covariance Estimation under the Presence of Outliers,STATISTICS AND ITS INTERFACE,9, 461-468,[SCI],(IF 0.716)
  • ShengLi Tzeng, (Hsin-Cheng Huang*),2015-01,Non-stationary multivariate spatial covariance estimation via low-rank regularization.,STATISTICA SINICA,25, 151-172,[SCI],(IF 1.33)
  • Chih-Hao Chang, (Hsin-Cheng Huang*), Ching-Kang Ing,2014-12,Asymptotic theory of generalized information criterion for geostatistical regression model selection,ANNALS OF STATISTICS,42, 2441-2468,[SCI],(IF 4.904)
  • Yin-Ping Chen, (Hsin-Cheng Huang*),2013-06,Nonstationary spatial modeling using penalized likelihood,STATISTICA SINICA,23(3), 989-1017,[SCI],(IF 1.33)
  • Shen, X., (Huang, H.-C.), and Pan, W.,2012-12,Simultaneous supervised clustering and feature selection over a graph,Biometrika,99, 899-914,[SCI],(IF 3.028)
  • Lai, R, (Huang, H.-C.), and Lee, T.,2012-05,Fixed and random effects selection in nonparametric additive mixed models,Electronic Journal of Statistics,6, 810-842,[SCI],(IF 1.225)
  • Chen, C.-S.* and Huang, H.-C.,2012-03,Geostatistical model averaging based on conditional information criteria,Environmental and Ecological Statistics,19, 23-35,[SCI],(IF 2.365)
  • Nan-Jung Hsu*, Ya-Mei Chang and Hsin-Cheng Huang,2012-02,A Group Lasso Approach for Nonstationary Spatial-Temporal Covariance Estimation,Environmetrics,23, 12-23,[SCI],(IF 1.527)
  • Chun-Shu Chen* and Hsin-Cheng Huang,2011-01,An Improved Cp Criterion for Spline Smoothing,Journal of Statistical Planning and Inference,141(1), 445-452,[SCI],(IF 1.095)
  • Ying-Pin Chen, Hsin-Cheng Huang, and I-Ping Tu,2010-12,A New Approach for Selecting the Number of Factors,Computational Statistics & Data Analysis,54(12), 2990-2998,[SCI],(IF 2.035)
  • Hsin-Cheng Huang*, Nan-Jung Hsu, David Theobald, and Jay Breidt,2010-12,Spatial Lasso with applications to GIS model selection,Journal of Computational and Graphical Statistics,19(4), 963-983,[SCI],(IF 1.884)
  • Xiaotong Shen* and Hsin-Cheng Huang,2010-06,Grouping pursuit through a regularization solution surface,Journal of the American Statistical Association,490(2), 727-739,[SCI],(IF 4.369)
  • Jun Zhu* and Hsin-Cheng Huang,2010-06,On selection of spatial linear models for lattice data,JOURNAL OF THE ROYAL STATISTICAL SOCIETY SERIES B-STATISTICAL METHODOLOGY,72(3), 389-402,[SCI],(IF 4.933)
  • Ya-Mei Chang, Nan-Jung Hsu*, Hsin-Cheng Huang,2010-03,Semiparametric Estimation of Nonstationary Spatial Covariance Function,Journal of Computational and Graphical Statistics,19, 117-139,[SCI],(IF 1.884)
Publications - Chapter Of The Books
  • (Hsin-Cheng Huang*) and Nan-Jung Hsu,2022-08-10,Regularized principal component analysis,Wiley StatsRef: Statistics Reference Online
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